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Employment Opportunities 

Blackberry Counseling Center's mission is to be of service to the community in which we reside. To do so, we're looking for motivated and experienced clinicians for part-time and full-time employment, to provide culturally competent mental health services to individuals and families who are experiencing varying levels of difficulties due to life situations or mental health concerns. It is Blackberry Counseling Center's mission to be of service to the community in which we reside. 

If you are a clinician who has  a full clinical license or limited license and interested in applying, please send your Curriculum Vitae or Resume and a cover letter to


The cover letter should include your areas of competency, age ranges you serve, and professional goals.

Benefits Include:


W-2 employment status

Competitive pay-rate

CEU reimbursement

Malpractice insurance

Flexible work schedule to allow work life balance

Regular weekly group consultation

Opportunities for pay-increase at regular intervals

Mentorship or Clinical Supervision

Psychology Today Listing

Workman's Compensation

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